Hallelujah Night

To Whom It May Concern,

Here at Arena Of Life Church we’ve been an active part of our community for over 22 years. This fall, we are aiming to raise $10,000 to fund our 10thannual Hallelujah Night on October 27th. Hallelujah Night is the name of our fall festival that is open to the public, with over 2500 people in attendance.  We have activities including kid’s inflatable jumpers, Randall county fire academy race, petting zoo, face painting, food trucks, and our biggest attraction is the bike giveaway.  That’s right, we gave 114 bicycles away last year and were aiming to give 150 away this year but we need your help to do it. We are asking businesses like you to provide $250 and in turn we would promote your company as one of the event’s official sponsors by taking pictures of kids receiving their brand-new bike in front of a banner with your company name on it, as well as verbally announcing your sponsorship during the event and posting the results to our social media pages. With your business by our side at Hallelujah Night, we are sure to achieve this event’s goal and serve our community well. 

If your business is interested in being one of our official event sponsors, please reach out to us at 806-622-8000.  We can’t wait to hear back!


Travis Bennett, Pastor

Please click Here to become a sponsor.